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I am a storyteller. I have been a storyteller all my life, but just recently realized it.

I am a freelance writer, an independent video producer, a journalist, and a features writer.

November 2008, I became a first-time mother and an instant caregiver. My first-born was born with profound special needs and required ‘round the clock care.

Traveling to and from hospitals in the New York tri-state area, I not only witnessed medical staff mistreating patients and their families, I experienced it.

An intake nurse moved a bottle of baby formula away from me to the other side of my recovery room to “encourage breastfeeding”. I was too sore from cesarean surgery to retrieve the bottle and feed my newborn one night.

In 2011, I became a Family Support Specialist at a children’s hospital in New Jersey. Even though it was my favorite job because I helped parents collaborate with NICU medical staff, the job lasted only 6 months. I was terminated hours after I reported a NICU nurse sleeping on the job.

After I was terminated, I decided to fight for others the best way I knew how… with a pen and paper.

For six years, I’ve worked as a freelance writer, enrolled in journalism courses, and focused on the craft of telling stories in a compelling way. One day in 2017, I purchased used audio and visual equipment and told stories behind the camera. As luck would have it, I won a couple of filmmaking awards and today I continue to fight for those who have a story but may not realize it.

Stories and Films Co.

I started Stories and Films Co. because I wanted to be more than a freelance writer. I want to be a successful small business owner. I produced two short films, a photo essay, and a montage for a Video Field Production course at the Harvard Extension School. Within that year (2018), I won a couple of film awards and had a couple of screenings in New York City. It opened my eyes that I could tell stories behind the camera in addition to typing on my laptop.

I also started Stories and Films, Co. out of frustration of my role at my place of employment. Despite expressing my desire to write, displaying my ability to write well, and my ideas for social media strategies, I was pushed aside and often relegated to simple, repetitive administrative tasks. So, I managed my time, accounted for every quarter-hour, found time to build my portfolio and attracted my first clients.

While my journey is not typical, it’s mine. And I’m sure your journey as a business owner doesn’t look the same as the business owner across the street or across the state or across the country.

I’m on this journey to help others define and tell their stories. I hope I can help you with yours.

What People Say About Jessica Robles

Jessica Robles is an intelligent, patient, and constructive editor. She is diligent in her work and truly seems to enjoy the process. Her feedback is well thought out and detailed.

D. L. Lipski

Jessica demonstrated herself to be hardworking and dedicated to her job each time I had the opportunity to work with her. I recommend Jessica without reservation.

S. Kinneman

She possesses superior research, writing and journalism skills. Jessica has the ability to turn a large amount of technical information into a captivating research article. She is a dedicated team player, who eagerly contributes her writing know-how to any group.

L. Percaro

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