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January 1, 2020

A few days ago, I joined a private Facebook group led by Submittable called #Rejection100. It was probably the quickest I joined a Facebook group even before researching it. I saw the hashtag and I instantly knew what it meant and why I needed to be a part of it.

#Rejection100 is for creatives who are striving to obtain 100 rejection (letters) in 2020. The tagline is: “Complete failures hellbent on collecting and celebrating 100 rejections during 2020.”

The point of this hashtag is to show that we’re not sitting on our behinds. We’re getting out there and pitching with the expectation of getting rejected. There is a number attached to it to keep us from giving up at the first rejection.

I saw the number associated with the hashtag and I (and probably other members) calculated how many pitches I would need on a monthly, or weekly basis in order to be rejected at least 100 times in a year. There’s no scientific formula to determine the ratio of rejections vs acceptances for every pitch made.

I’m aware that some pitches can “not be seen”. They can be ignored. Forgotten. A rejection for me is much better than a “wait and see.. a “wait to not be contacted”.

Rejections are hard. Actually, they suck. The first rejection may sting a little, but after the 7th, after the 15th, after the 37th, you start to question yourself and wonder, “Damn, is this for me? Maybe I really do suck.”

And that’s why this Facebook group is so important to me. I need rejections as evidence that I tried.

  • I’m hustling.
  • I’m pitching relentlessly.
  • I’m testing new ideas.
  • I’m putting myself out there.
  • I’m taking risks.
  • I’m pitching an idea for associates and colleagues to laugh at how unrealistic my idea is.
  • I’m selling products and services so a door can be slammed in my face.
  • I’m posting my vulnerabilities so complete strangers can criticize from afar.
  • I’m figuring out who my accountability partners are. Who my mentors ought to be.

I look forward to getting back up. Over and over and over again.

#Rejection100 means that I and my band of sisters don’t stop at being told once, twice, thrice, not dozens, nor scores or even hundreds of times that our ideas suck, our products suck, that we suck.

“You’ll never make it in this town… this neighborhood… this school…. this company… this industry… this world…”

Despite being told you’re not good/tall/pretty/smart/talented enough, you’ll keep getting up despite it all.

Read my post about Submittable to learn more about it, then head over there and sign up. Interested in becoming a “complete failure hellbent on collecting and celebrating 100 rejections in 2020”, head over to the private Facebook group, and sign up. I’ve already seen it mentioned in a “Binders full of…” group.

Finally, please come along and follow my journey as I too become a complete failure hellbent on collecting and celebrating rejections over and over in 2020. I was going to post about trying to create a drop-down in Excel as I follow in the footsteps of my more spreadsheet-savvy sisters and brothers, but I abandoned that idea. I’m a Agilist/Certfied Scrum Master. I’ll just use a Project Management app instead.

Head over to the Facebook group and see what my fellow failures have created.

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